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Principal Investigator Là Gì, Pi Định Nghĩa : Nhà Nghiên Cứu ChínhThe Principal Investigator ( PI ) is an individual who assumes the authority and responsibility for the conduct of a study. The PI has the authority to delegate responsibility to individual members of the team ; however, the PI is ultimately responsible for the overall conduct of the study .Bạn đang xem : Principal investigator là gì

The PI ( s ) should have minimum ethical training to help them appreciate and apply the ethical principles underlying to the day to day practice of Click here to find out more about the minimum ethical training requirements to be a PI .

This requirement is not solely for the purpose of the application to DSRB, as the PI has the responsibility for ensuring that the conduct of the within or its partner institutions is in compliance with Singapore Guideline for Good Clinical Practice (SG-GCP) and all other applicable guidelines and regulations.1. Who Can Be A Principal Investigator?The PI should be a staff of or partner institution for conducted in or partner institutions.*

For more details on the minimum requirements for being a PI of a, please refer to the Investigators ” Manual ( 2 nd Edition Chapter 8.1 : Who Can Be A Principal Investigator. ) which is availablehere .Xem thêm : Nghĩa Của Từ Stick Là Gì ? ( Từ Điển Anh Sticking Nghĩa Là Gì Trong Tiếng Việt

Special Considerations (see doc “Special Considerations”)i. Visiting Consultantsii. Multi-centre studies between two or more clustersiii. (CIRB-DSRB mutual recognition)iv. Multi-centre within and partner institutionsv. Multi-centre within and partner institutionsvi. Conditionally Registered Medical PractitionersClick here to downloadclarificationsontheabove”SpecialConsiderations”.2. What other qualifications must the PI have?The PI must be:• Qualified by education,• Training and experience to assume responsibility for the proper conduct of a study and,• Should meet all qualifications specified by the applicable regulatory requirements.3. What are the qualifications for being a PI for a Clinical Trial?A PI who is conducting clinical trials that require a Clinical Trial Certificate from HSA must fulfil the minimum regulatory requirements to be a PI.Under the Medicines Act and Medicines (Clinical Trials) Regulations, the PI must be either:i. A doctor, defined as a person registered under the Medical Registration Act; orii. A dentist, defined as a person registered under the Dental Registration Act whose name appears in the first division of the Register of Dentist.For information regarding HSA requirements on who can be PI, clickhere4. What are the responsibilities of the PI?The PI is responsible for promoting proper conduct of by assuring adherence to protocol requirements, ensuring adequate resources to conduct the study, protecting the rights and welfare of participants, assuring the integrity of data generated at the site and directing the conduct of the according to applicable regulations and guidance.

For more details on the responsibilities of the PI, please clickhere for the PCR SOP 501 – A02 : Responsibilities of the Team

5. Is the PI able to apply for grant?

The in through the administration of competitive grant calls via the bottom-up approach and the thematic. who are interested to apply for grants may clickhere .Xem thêm : Giới Thiệu Về Gợi Ý Của Siri Iphone Là Gì ? Các Tính Năng Hấp Dẫn Của Nó are encouraged to refer to their Clinical Units / Offices of their institutions for their own grants available .

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