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It can be said, with some justification, that she is one of the greatest actresses on the English stage today. cause causeless drive first principles from a place of idiom ground hidden agenda impulse in the name of sth idiom motivation motive name object peg place rationale should wherefores why Xem thêm hiệu quả »
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Các ví dụ của justification

justification There is, simply put, no intrinsic justification for removing all or part of a healthy organ from a healthy child! Từ topbinhduong.net English Corpus Being an older person has never of itself been sufficient justification for receiving resources. Từ topbinhduong.net English Corpus Các quan điểm của các ví dụ không thể hiện quan điểm của các biên tập viên topbinhduong.net topbinhduong.net hoặc của topbinhduong.net University Press hay của các nhà cấp phép. Thêm các ví dụ Bớt các ví dụ It also provides an additional justification of why targeted research on the distributional benefits of agricultural research is important. Từ topbinhduong.net English Corpus   Unless one requires that all preferences ultimately be about one”s own-well-being, or adopts hedonism, there is no justification for bringing in good feelings. Từ topbinhduong.net English Corpus   Further justification was found in the number of leaders who paid the ultimate price. Từ topbinhduong.net English Corpus   But this is a practical justification, not the recognition of the pregnancy of the syntax/semantics schizophrenia. Từ topbinhduong.net English Corpus   If a political justification, for example, required the rejection of one particular reasonable comprehensive view among many, then reasonable people could reject that justification. Từ topbinhduong.net English Corpus   As the old justification runs, satire offends less when directed at a type instead of an individual. Từ topbinhduong.net English Corpus   While the reasons for using the rule of law variable are obvious, the justification for the use of the corruption variable may be less so. Từ topbinhduong.net English Corpus   Current socio-political problems and a certain pressure for justification of its existence demand archaeology to contribute to present public debates. Từ topbinhduong.net English Corpus   Proofs are not meant to act merely as justification for the discovery of “facts”; they are themselves the “facts” to be discovered. Từ topbinhduong.net English Corpus   The children with autism also produced more physical – causal justifications in their verbal accounts of the picture sequences they made, compared to intentional accounts. Từ topbinhduong.net English Corpus   What is the form and scope of the justification? Từ topbinhduong.net English Corpus   Obviously this is not a justification or a proof, but just a recognition that possibly our reasoning is correct. Từ topbinhduong.net English Corpus   Do not allow your word processor to introduce word splits and do not use justification. Từ topbinhduong.net English Corpus  

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ample justificationAs this review has shown, there is now ample justification for its reinstatement as an all-pervasive causal factor. Từ topbinhduong.net English Corpus historical justificationThis theory of paradigm-change has the advantage of redressing its relativism by locating the observer within a long-enduring paradigm of scientific rationality, which thus obtains contemporary historical justification. Từ topbinhduong.net English Corpus intellectual justificationEven though some of his formulations were exaggerated or absurd, eastern industrialists overlooked minor deficiencies in their search for protectionism ” s intellectual justification. Từ topbinhduong.net English Corpus Những ví dụ này từ topbinhduong.net English Corpus và từ những nguồn trên web. Tất cả những quan điểm trong những ví dụ không bộc lộ quan điểm của những biên tập viên topbinhduong.net topbinhduong.net hoặc của topbinhduong.net University Press hay của người cấp phép .

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